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QMotion Blinds

QMotion Blinds were invented and developed in the USA. The unique technology used is predominantly taken from the garage door industry where small motors and some very special counter balanced springs have enabled engineers to develop very large window treatments that can be operated effortlessly by the user whilst only using a small amount of power – battery or mains. 


Amazon Echo Plus Control

QMotion Blinds can be controlled wirelessly via Amazon® Echo Plus without the need for a bridge into your Wi-Fi router/hub. QMotion Blind motors already have ZigBee protocol built in which means they can talk directly to Amazon® Echo Plus. Simple set up is via the Amazon Alexa app which allows operation of the blinds from within or outside the property. You can also set up routines and schedules so that the blinds will raise and lower at times when you are away from your property. The extra inbuilt ability to operate the blinds by voice, remote or manual override brings a brand new level of convenience to the end user who wants an easy to operate quiet motorised blind solution 

QMotion Stand Alone Control Solution

QMotion Motorised Window treatments can be controlled wirelessly via a QMotion remote or smart app for either one-way or two-way communication. Power to the blinds is available via wireless hybrid spring and battery power or traditional wiring via low volt or cat 6 cable. This is the perfect solution for the end user who does not have or does not want an integrated home automation system to control their window treatments. The extra inbuilt ability to operate the blind by hand is offered via our patented manual override technology

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Home/Building Automation Control

QMotion Blinds can offer fully integrated window treatment solutions for almost every known home automaton system. Our blinds work natively with Control4 whereby no integration interface is required, our blind motors have native ZigBee protocol receivers that are inbuilt. The motors receive commands over the Control4 ZigBee mesh network and report back their position direct to the Control4 EA controller. 

We are also able to offer a Cat6 wired solution that not only provides control via RS485 ports on the rear of the QMotion QIS Power/Communication panel, but also the 24v power for the blinds. 

Other Integration partners with QMotion drivers include world class brands such as Vantage, Crestron, RTI, Bang & Olufsen, URC to name but a few of the many companies that our products can be easily integrated with.

100% Wireless

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Up to 3-year life

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